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Ecological Gardening For a Healthy Lifestyle

In today’s world, more and more people become followers of a healthy lifestyle by choosing a proper diet and active exercising, giving up alcohol, tobacco, and mobile devices.


All this is natural, because the World Health Organization proved that the human lifespan is only 10% dependent on medicine, 15% dependant on ecology, another 15% depend on heredity, and the remaining 60% – on lifestyle, i.e., mainly on physical activity and nutrition.  In this area, the main trend is becoming growing ecological vegetables and herbs on their windowsills, balcony or in the yard. 


Interestingly, this “kitchen” gardening attracts active young people, city dwellers, who had never before worked on the ground.  For them, an ideal solution for the creation of a small ecological garden is garden boxes from pallet collars or garden box. These are simple to install and maintain structures that came to us from Scandinavia, where in the garden box are arranged flower beds and seedbeds, and even mini-greenhouses.  The main plus of the garden boxes is in a simple and easy care.  

A garden box of pallet collars can be easily installed in the yard, and on any surface – earth, sand or stone – and on the balcony, but if you want to and place allows – even in the room. At the bottom of the box, a black film is blanketed for suppressing weed growth, and then to create a drainage system; it is filled with sand, over the sand – the land suitable for cultivation of the selected plants.  

According to the trends of healthy lifestyle, fertilizing such seedbeds with chemicals should in no way be done! Just plant the vegetables in, for example, cherry tomato bushes and greens – lettuce, onion, dills.  The eco-greens will grow throughout the summer, the main thing – do not forget to water.

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