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GardenBox Modern

Garden Box Modern is a great wooden raised bed to gain growing space for vegetables, herbs, flowers and plants.

GardenBox Modern

  • GardenBox Modern
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  • 120x80
  • 80x60
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  • Natural
  • Black
The construction is easy to assemble with contemporary and smart corner fastenings. The raised bed GardenBox Modern with an open bottom provides good drainage and great protection from weeds and pests. Raised bed is made of natural Nordic Soft wood, which has good hardness and is not easy to deform. Strong and smart corner fastenings ensure good stability. You can choose Natural or coloured raised bed. Natural or untreated raised bed should be pinted with varnish or a weather-resistant colour of your choice before the first weather. However, glazed raised beds can be set up directly without extra effort.
Benefits of our products
Easy assembly

The Upyard products take gardening to a new level - they can be easily assembled without tools.

For garden & balcony

The Upyard products can be use both outdoor and indoor, where using special accessories allows to protect floor from water and soil.


For Upyard products we choose Nordic softwood which comes from carefully controlled cultivation, and therefore much more sustainable.

Made with Earth in mind
We feel a connection to nature and a responsibility for our environmental impact. All of our products aim to achieve this balance by good design practices.
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