Growing sustainably

At Upyard, we are guided by the concept of sustainable gardening with the aim of balancing each artificially created garden with the natural conditions and climate where it is located, thus promoting care for the environment. We cherish Latvian forests, so every Upyard product is created from certified sustainable materials.

Action that is certified

Our environmental policies are supported by recognized international certificates.
Not just words, but actions
Reliable suppliers

We carefully select our timber suppliers who share our desire to run a fair and green business ensuring all our materials are responsibly sourced. This is supported by ISO 28000:2022 certificate

Eco-friendly materials

In our production process, we only use sustainably sourced and eco-friendly materials, be it certified Nordic softwood, water based eco-paint or recycled plastics.

Zero-waste policy

All waste produced at our manufacturing plant is being recycled. For instance wood waste is turned into pellets that heat our production plant during cold Latvian winters.

CO2 reduction

Being located in Latvia our electricity supply is already 60% renewably sourced. Yet, we continue to invest in further CO2 reduction, be it switching to electric loaders or installing solar panels

Quality assurance

We ensure the consistent quality by inspecting products at every stage of manufacturing through a combination of automatic scanning and laser diagnostics and checks by our team

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