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Upyard’s innovations for a better gardening experience

As we enter the dawn of a new season, Upyard is excited to unveil a range of innovative products designed to redefine convenience, style, and sustainability in your gardening journey. We don’t just provide products – we’re your partners in cultivating a thriving outdoor space.

ModernBoxes with Castors: Redefining Convenience

Our ModernBoxes with castors are more than just containers; they are a tailored solution for modern living. With the option to add castors, these boxes offer unparalleled mobility, perfect for smaller spaces and indoor gardening. Crafted from scratch-free rubber castors and sustainable materials like PEFC-certified Nordic softwood and sleek black metal components, these boxes exemplify durability and environmental responsibility.

Protective Tray Innovation: Simplifying Gardening Setup

Say goodbye to using two separate products for protection – our new protective tray seamlessly incorporates the functionality of a wooden frame. Streamlining your gardening setup, this tray protects sensitive surfaces against soil and moisture. It’s a game-changer in gardening convenience, ideal for balconies, terraces, or any hard surface.

Enhanced Self-Watering Boxes: A Sustainable Commitment

Our self-watering boxes, crafted from recycled plastic from used cars, children’s toys, and food containers, showcase our commitment to sustainability. With a removable plug, these boxes offer unprecedented flexibility for seamless indoor and outdoor gardening transitions. The improved design enhances functionality and adds an aesthetic appeal from every angle.

Planting Table Classic: Elegance and Ease Redefined

Introducing the Planting Table Classic with a fresh new design, maintaining an attractive price point, and ensuring easier assembly. We believe this thoughtful redesign adds convenience and style to your gardening routine.

We believe these enhancements will simplify your gardening experience and add a touch of ease and style to your outdoor endeavors. As always, your satisfaction is our top priority, and we look forward to hearing about the flourishing results of your gardening adventures with our upgraded products.

Happy gardening!

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