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GardenBox Professional

Our signature stackable raised bed for growing flowers or vegetables in any location made of responsibly sourced Nordic soft wood.

GardenBox Professional

  • Gardenbox Professional
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Made from thicker 20mm wood, Gardenbox professional is a perfect long-term solution for creating stackable raised beds to grow vegetables or flowers. Made of Pallet Collars initially created for industrial packaging purposes it has proved its sturdiness and is easy to build and handle. Like all Upyard products it is produced from responsibly sourced Nordic wood and painted with eco-friendly water based paints.
Benefits of our products
Easy assembly

Our product come with an instruction allowing for a quick and easy assembly by a single person.

Stackable & modular

Pallet Collars are made to be stackable and interchangeable by nature. Make your raised bed precisely the height or shape you need.

For garden & balcony

Place it in your garden on open soil or adjust it for use on balconies using Upyard accessories. It is your choice


All our products are made of certified Nordic soft wood and we only use water based eco-paint to ensure minimal influence on your plants.

Accessory compatible

Upgrade your raised bed with a range of Upyard accessories designed to make gardening experience comfortable and fun

Made with Earth in mind
We feel a connection to nature and a responsibility for our environmental impact. All of our products aim to achieve this balance by good design practices.
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