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We believe that gardening should be sustainable, fun and accessible to all. That’s why we design easy-to-assemble products for gardens, balconies and all landscapes and climates, no matter who you are or where you live. Although Upyard itself is young, we are happy to be a part of Kronus family - market leader in the production of wooden packaging that was one of our inspirations for product design.

Things to know
Born & based in Latvia

Born and based in Latvia – a country of creative people and breath-taking nature – we believe this mix of ingenuity and sustainability makes the world better.

Focus on sustainability

Upyard prides itself on keeping the focus on sustainable solutions for the DIY industry. All our products are made of responsibly sourced Nordic softwood and offer our clients a way to grow eco-friendly produce

International experience

Our products are sold in DIY chains across 15+ countries. We offer our clients superb product quality, steady production capacity and marketing support

25+ years in manufacturing

Despite its youth, the Upyard brand has strong roots as an offshoot of KRONUS – one of the biggest manufacturers of industrial packaging in the Baltic States working since 1995.

Design oriented

Our products feature simple design and pay tribute to minimalistic Scandinavian style, lightly influenced by our industrial roots.

Made with Earth in mind
We feel a connection to nature and responsibility for our environmental impact. All of our products are developed with the aim of balancing each artificially created garden with the natural conditions and climate where it is located, thus promoting care for the environment.
More about Sustainability
UpYarding gardens across the world

The brand name Upyard is based on the concept of playful improvement of space. We focus on creating simple, yet stylish and easy to use products that help aspiring and experienced gardening enthusiasts to Upgrade their garden. Be it garden beds, sheds or wooden houses we adhere to our love for minimalistic Scandinavian with a hint of industrial design.

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We really listened to what our customers wanted and we found exactly what they needed in Upyard products: simple gardening process, modern design, eco friendliness.

Albert Heinz
CEO at The Gardener
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