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Wooden Composter

Made from wooden pallet collars, this product is a continuation of our Industrial range. This product design is
focused on simplicity and easy assembly.

Wooden Composter

  • Wooden Composter
    Select size:
  • 80x60
  • 120x80
    Select material or color:
  • Natural
Wooden Composter has an open bottom and special inlets provide good ventilation – this will ensure better drainage and also allow beneficial microbes and insects from the soil to enter the compost.
Benefits of our products
Easy assembly

The fastest and easiest-to-assemble wooden composter in the market

Selected size

Carefully selected size to meet composting needs

Illustrated guide

Including well illustrated “Guide to composting” for best results

Eco friendly

Confidence about ecological materials that are used to produce this product – made of sustainable PEFC certified wood

Pure wood

Pure wood – no paints used, it is up to end-user to choose – if any treatment will be done and select a one that suits personal needs

Air access

Walls with incorporated intlets for air access – important for creating perfect conditions for compost

Discrete compost

With included two lids to keep compost discrete yet well aerated

Made with Earth in mind
We feel a connection to nature and a responsibility for our environmental impact. All of our products aim to achieve this balance by good design practices.
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